When does a plum become a prune?

Answer When it has been harvested and dried.

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When do I prune plum trees?

The Colorado State University Extension article "Backyard Orchard Management: Pruning Peach And Other Stone Fruit Trees," states that "pruning may be done through the blossoming period but mid Marc... Read More »

When do you prune plum trees?

To promote healthy growth of your plum tree for the following season, prune 20 percent of the former year's growth in the dormant winter season. This is also the time to prune away any diseased or ... Read More »

How to Prune Plum Trees?

Pruning plum trees is not a task as they don't really need a lot of pruning once established. This article provides a quick rundown on what to do.

What Month Can I Prune a Flowering Plum?

Flowering plum trees may bear some summer fruit but are grown mostly for their stunning spring floral displays. Japanese flowering plums (Prunus cerasifera) and the double-flowered blireiana plum h... Read More »