When does a pecan tree bloom?

Answer A pecan tree blooms in spring, producing both male and female flowers in succession. The male flowers bloom first, followed by female flowers later in the spring. Due to the difference in blooming ... Read More »

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When does a pecan tree grow leaves?

According to Mexico State University, "pecan seedlings are characterized by rapid vegetative growth after seed germination." That doesn't mean the seedling will have leaves right away. The best tim... Read More »

When does the dogwood tree bloom?

Dogwood trees bloom in the spring. Most dogwood trees have white bracts, which people commonly mistake for flowers. Some dogwood trees have pink bracts. Dogwoods bloom around the country, as they a... Read More »

When does a plum tree bloom the most?

Plum trees produce white, fragrant flowers at the beginning of the spring season. By the middle of the summer, this tree has produced tasty red or yellow fruit that's about 1 inch in diameter.Refer... Read More »

When does a windmill palm tree bloom?

Windmill palm trees (Trachycarpus fortunei) produce small and inconspicuous white or yellow flowers in the hot summer months. The flowers yielded by this tree aren't showy but do emit a pleasant fr... Read More »