When does a hernia require surgery?

Answer On One Hand: Surgery Has AdvantagesIt is recommended that all hernias be repaired surgically to avoid complications, such as strangulation of the intestine. This is a potentially serious complicati... Read More »

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When does a cervical herniated disk require surgery?

On One Hand: Never; Other Options ExistTo have surgery on a herniated cervical disc is always a choice. Non-surgical treatment options include rest, cold therapy, neck collar, anti-inflammatory med... Read More »

How much does umbilical hernia surgery cost?

About £2000 Laparoscopic surgery - about 1500$ Open surgery - about 1000$ in India In some counties, medical surgeries are free, in the UK for example, on the National Health Service.

Are there any remedies to snoring that does not require surgery?

Well you may be skeptical by I have heard good things about rosemary tea or milk before bed, which are both meant to sooth the vocal cords. Or you can try nasal spray, which also 'works'.Finally, t... Read More »

How painful is hernia surgery?

On One Hand: Surgical RepairHernias require surgical repair to avoid unnecessary complications. Surgery may be performed two ways. Laparoscopy is a less invasive technique that is used to repair he... Read More »