When does a hammer smashed finger require medical attention?

Answer Biggest worry with broken skin is infection. keep it clean covered and maybe a topical antibiotic.If after 3 days there is any swelling, pain, redness or discoloration,and no sign of improving, it ... Read More »

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I smashed the tip of my finger with a hammer and now the nail is falling off. Will it grow back?

Yes, it will grow back. Just be patient and keep it dry always.

My mom smashed her index finger with a hammer two days ago. She complains it hurts. What to do?

If she cannot move it or the coloring is very abnormal, go to a doctor. She could have broken or shattered the bone. Otherwise, just ice it frequently and take tylenol or some other analgesic to re... Read More »

I cut a small chunk off the tip of my index finger, should I opt for medical attention?

I do not think you need medical attention right away, unless you cannot stop the bleeding. Be sure to wash the would well with an antiseptic wash, apply an antibiotic ointment and change the bandag... Read More »

Does driving require no awareness or attention?

only if you wish to put your life and the lives of others in danger. asking a question as stupid as this is like asking if it would hurt to shoot yourself in the foot with a .45 caliber gun.