When does a fetus start to eat?

Answer A developing fetus is supplied with its needs for metabolism and growth from the mother via the placenta.

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When does the fetus start to look like a baby?

10 weeks a baby has everything an adult has, just smaller...

When can a fetus start hearing?

A developing baby is referred to as a fetus. Fetuses begin to develop hearing capabilities during weeks 19 to 21 of pregnancy. The fetus also begins to move more during this time, which may cause a... Read More »

When the fetus is in the womb does the baby start out a boy or girl and how does it all work?

A baby's sex is determined at conception by inheriting either two XX chromosomes (female) or an X and a Y(male).

Why a 7 month old fetus has more chance to survive after premature delivery than an 8 months old fetus?

Answer well since i been doing research on fetuses, my girlfriend is pregnant i believe that a 7 month old fetus can survive preterm birth because of development, so does the 8 month old fetus, but... Read More »