When does a cervical herniated disk require surgery?

Answer On One Hand: Never; Other Options ExistTo have surgery on a herniated cervical disc is always a choice. Non-surgical treatment options include rest, cold therapy, neck collar, anti-inflammatory med... Read More »

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When do you need surgery for herniated cervical disks?

On One Hand: Nonsurgical OptionsYou may require surgery on a herniated cervical disc if traditional treatment fails. The symptoms of a herniated cervical disc should resolve themselves after six we... Read More »

Will a cervical herniated disk heal on its own?

On One Hand: Traditional TreatmentsAccording to the Mayo Clinic, a herniated disk will heal in nine out of 10 people with moderate treatment. This includes modifying body movements to avoid creatin... Read More »

How to Prepare for Herniated Disk Surgery?

A herniated disk occurs when the cushion between your vertebrae begins to wear down. Instead of acting as a cushion, the vertebrae can actually press on nerves, resulting in pain. Surgery is necess... Read More »

What does a cervical herniated disc look like?

A herniated cervical disc is a cushioning disc between two neck bones (vertebrae) that has ruptured and lost its structural integrity. This type of injury resembles a punctured tire or a jelly doug... Read More »