When does a baby turn a month old?

Answer On the same day of the next month. So, if he was born on June 8th, he would be a month old on July 8th.

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Why is it easier for a baby to survive when it is born in the eighth month rather than the sixth month?

A baby does not have well developed lungs and other vital organs to survive on its own until later in the pregnancy. it is always best to be as close to 40 weeks as possible.

When does a breech baby turn around?

this could be debated its bascically what u and ur doctor think is best for the baby. personally i think a vaginal birth is safer.

How many diapers does a 3-month-old baby use in a month?

How much does baby food cost for a 3 month old baby?

Powders are least expensive. Powdered formula from the grocery store can cost about $50 a month, brand name powder can cost $100-$150 a month (for about 130oz of powder per month).