When does a baby take its first breath?

Answer when it comes out

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I am starting my first round of clomid CD 3-7 when do i take baby aspirin & robbtussin and when do i BD .?

Take 1 baby aspiring each day, and Robitussen for the week before ovulation. Check out the site in my sources!Go to the drugstore and buy an ovulation predictor kit or two (you want to make sure y... Read More »

What will take place in the umbilical cord when the baby first fully uses the lungs?

Fetal Circulatory System The baby's circulatory system works differently when he's in the womb than it does after birth. During pregnancy, the mother's placenta transfers nutrients and highly oxyg... Read More »

When does a baby say his first word?

the average infant says his/her first word at 6 to 8 monthsanytime

When does a baby first start to run?