When does a baby start moving inside you?

Answer A baby starts moving in the beginning but you don't start feeling it until about 15 to 17 weeks along in the pregnancy. At first it will feel like a little gas or small flutters. And then as the we... Read More »

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When does a baby start to kick inside the mother's womb?

A baby typically begins to move between weeks 15 and 18 weeks of pregnancy. The mother may start to feel some movement between weeks 19 and 21. The mother will almost certainly feel the baby move b... Read More »

Bugs/fleas inside moving boxes Help!?

Fleas hop and they will hop on you.If you have sun there, the books can be put in the sun, if the bugs are another kind of bug.The fleas can be brushed of the kitchenware.

Though the rails are smooth, we feel small jerks inside a moving train.Why it is so?

Actually the gaps in a rail would be felt as bump not a jerk.You would also hear a clicking noise as the wheels passed over the gap.A jerk is usually caused by the engineer not controlling the slac... Read More »

I have a real rose inside of a glass globe after moving & it being in a box the color has turned brown?

Sorry this happened...but what a wonderful thing to really may be the best to just let it be...or if you could bring it somewhere that fixes globes...If they can, the rose will be brown, b... Read More »