When does a baby not need a soft spot on their head?

Answer Soft spots, or fontanelles, are spaces in the skull that have not matured into bone yet. They allow the baby's brain to grow and make the skull more flexible so the baby can move down the birth can... Read More »

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Soft spot on a baby's head?

What is the soft spot on a baby's head called?

The soft spots on a baby's head are called fontanelles. There are two of them, the larger one close to the front of the head, and a smaller one that closes soon after birth further back on the head.

Why do babies have a soft spot on their head?

Its because the brain has to formand the plate grows there later on.

Hit my head several years ago, still feel a soft spot?

Since it seems like its most likely cause by hitting your head it is probably keloid , keloid is A iregular formed tissue at the site of a scar or injury and since you injured your head by hitting ... Read More »