When does a baby grow their kneecap?

Answer 6 months

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When does a baby start to grow?

When does a baby not need a soft spot on their head?

Soft spots, or fontanelles, are spaces in the skull that have not matured into bone yet. They allow the baby's brain to grow and make the skull more flexible so the baby can move down the birth can... Read More »

What does it mean when a baby giggles in their sleep?

Findings from the University of the Sacred Heart, in Japan, as well as the Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University in 2004 showed that newborn babies laugh and giggle in their sleep because ... Read More »

If you have a really happy, easy going baby, does their personality stay that way when they get older?

Landon has always been very laid back since he was born. As he gets older he has pretty much stayed the same. He has moments of separation anxiety where he cries when someone new comes over, but ot... Read More »