When does a baby first start to run?

Answer I'm guessing when it's ready.

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Can a baby start school when they are first born in Australia?

(of course dumb) - first answerEditNewborn babies can't go to school. In most countries, children start school at about 5 years old. Some countries start children at school and others at 6 or 7. Re... Read More »

When does a baby start to grow?

When does a baby start to crawl?

On average, babies start to crawl at around six months of age or more. However, do not worry if your baby does not start to crawl. Some babies (such as my daughter, when she was a baby) go straight... Read More »

When does baby start crawling?

A baby start crawling in 5months or 6 months.If it doesnt it may start at 12months.