When does a baby become a fetus?

Answer The third week after conception is the beginning of the embryonic period, when the baby is a fetus. Prior to that, when the sperm and egg fertilize, there is a zygote. When the zygote travels down ... Read More »

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When does a fetus become a human?

There are many different opinions, religious and personal, about the exact point when a fetus becomes a human. This issue is quite controversial for many. Some say that a fetus is a person when it ... Read More »

When does a fetus become male or female?

While a fetus's sex is chromosomally set at conception, the external sex organs may not be distinguishable until the end of the first trimester. Discovery of the gender may occur via ultrasound as ... Read More »

When does the fetus start to look like a baby?

10 weeks a baby has everything an adult has, just smaller...

When the fetus is in the womb does the baby start out a boy or girl and how does it all work?

A baby's sex is determined at conception by inheriting either two XX chromosomes (female) or an X and a Y(male).