Is there a train service you know of that goes from Boston to New London or New Haven CT?

Answer The only trains that go Boston to New London and New Haven are Amtrak, but they run frequently. Regular Metro-North (the commuter rail from New York City) goes from NYC to New Haven. The Shore Line... Read More »

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Will the people who boomed Boston come Here in Virginia and Bomed I'm so little I'm asking !?

Theres no way to know, however probably not. It would be hard for them to get away with doing anything unnoticed any time soon everyone is on high alert.

West Virginia Tech Schools?

West Virginia is known for its breathtaking mountains and diverse topography, but it also has a technical industry that is historically significant. Mining, transportation, and the infrastructure i... Read More »

Virginia Tech Mascot Information?

Located in Blacksburg, the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, better known as Virginia Tech, is home to many "Hokies." The word "Hokie" has no association with Virginia Tech's mas... Read More »

I haven't eaten at all today and its 11:35pm, is that bad?

That is really bad for u! If ur trying to loose weight, u need to eat healthy n small portions. By not eating all ur doing is making ur body keep what ur giving it since not a lot is going in... u ... Read More »