When you buy a new printer, does it usually come with ink i know they dont come with the USB cord.?

Answer Printers like Lexmark and HP have combo color cartridges. Other printers have individual color cartridges. These are better because with combo cartridges when the red runs out you have to buy and w... Read More »

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How to Be a Tekken Fan?

Tekken 5Have you ever wanted to be inside the world where there is Mishima Zubatzu? Or do you know everything about the Mishima Blood line? Then you are probably a Tekken fan!

How to Unlock Jinpachi in "Tekken"?

Jinpachi Mishima, an antagonist in the Tekken video game franchise, was first introduced in "Tekken 5," the sixth installment of the series for the PlayStation 2. He is not a playable character in ... Read More »

How to Become a Tekken Collector?

Tekken is a popular fighting game franchise. If you are obsessed enough so that you want to have everything that has been created by the franchise, you'll need a lot of time and funds.

How to Unlock Jinpachi in "Tekken 5"?

"Tekken 5" is an arcade fighting game. Players assume the role of a martial arts fighter participating in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. The event is hosted by Jinpachi, an ancient warrior pos... Read More »