When does Lucas find out about Peyton's pregnancy complications?

Answer From www.medsafe.govt : "Chloramphenicol enters the foetal circulation, and if given to the mother shortly before parturition, may cause the gray baby syndrome, with cyanosis and hypothermia, owin... Read More »

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If you had complications with a pregnancy before what are the chances of having complications again?

It's really a 50/50 shot as every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. It really depends on what the complications were.

What are some possible complications throughout pregnancy?

The reason we go to doctors throughout pregnancy is to prevent these complications.The reason they get the big bucks is because there are so many possibilities, and the doctors not only provide ans... Read More »

What are three complications of pregnancy?

Your doctor will order oral glucose tolerance test or fasting blood sugar test.

What are some complications of pregnancy?

You will have big baby that will need a c-section.