When does Indiana vote in its primary election?

Answer Indiana Code requires that all municipal, state and presidential primary elections be conducted on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in May. Each political party that receives 10 percent of ... Read More »

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What id do I need to vote in the primary election in Colorado?

To be eligible to vote in the Colorado primary elections, Colorado residents must show identification such as a state driver's license, a current U.S. passport, a Medicare card, a certified U.S. bi... Read More »

Who can vote in the Florida primary election?

Any resident of Florida who is registered to vote by the appropriate deadline may vote in primary elections. However, since Florida is a "closed primary" state, voters may only submit ballots in th... Read More »

Can an independent vote in the primary election?

Independents can vote for commissions that do not have a party affiliation, such as judge. Whether an independent can vote in a presidential primary election depends on the election laws of the par... Read More »

How to Vote in an STV Election?

Voting in an STV Election is easy, all you have to do is list the candidates in order of preference. STV stands for Single Transferable Vote (also known as Choice Voting). STV gives voters more cho... Read More »