Why on Stargate SG-1 Daniel has an apartment most seasons but season 7 episode Chimera he has a house and then he has an apartment again in season 9?

Answer Daniel's first apartment was packed up and closed when he was thought to be dead on Nim's planet in the episode Fire and Water. His team mates were seen going through his things, packing it all awa... Read More »

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When does season 5 start of criminal minds start in the UK?

When does batle start galactica season 4 start?

'Battlestar Galactica' Season 4 Not Starting Until April 2008

When does season 8 start of csi Miami start?

It has just finished in the UK, Grisome leaves and Laurence Fisherbourne (of the matrix) takes over.

When will house season 5 air in the UK?

Sky 1 will be broadcasting.I can confirm that House MD will commence on 31 May 2009 with a double episode from 21.00 to 23.00 hours.It will then be broadcast on a weekly basis being Sundays at 21.0... Read More »