When does heroes volume 3 come on BBC?

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When does Heroes volume 3 come out on DVD?

There hasn't been an official release date for Heroes Volume 3: Villains on DVD yet....Since Season 3 hasn't finished yet on TV, they will probably release it on DVD along with Volume Four: Fugitiv... Read More »

When does heroes season four volume five come out in the UK?

I unfourtanly do not know sorry :(By the way i am American hoorah.

When is heroes back on BBC?

When will heroes come out on DVD?

as of 2009 , sam is 26 and dean is 30 As of 2010, Sam is 27 and Dean is 31. Jensen Ackles (Dean) March 1, 1978Jared Padalecki (Sam) July 19, 1982