When does DSL not work?

Answer For many people who need an Internet connection but who either can't afford the prices for cable Internet or don't want to pay them, DSL connections are a more affordable option; however, DSL does ... Read More »

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When the fetus is in the womb does the baby start out a boy or girl and how does it all work?

A baby's sex is determined at conception by inheriting either two XX chromosomes (female) or an X and a Y(male).

When will verzion actually charge you for the iphone I just pre-ordered ii do they charge me on the 10th when it goes on sell how does it work?

How does the computer's clock work when it is off?

In your computer (as well as other gadgets), the battery powers a chip called the Real Time Clock (RTC) chip. The RTC is essentially a quartz watch that runs all the time, whether or not the comput... Read More »

Does a powered usb hub work when unplugged?

No. A USB port can transfer approximately 5 volts of energy; however, once the source is disconnected, the hub device will no longer function. While the hub acts a portal, the energy is dispersed t... Read More »