When did black and white TV come out?

Answer American inventor Philo T. Farnsworth patented the black and white television in 1927. In 1935 Germany succeeded in developing a regular transmission feed signal, and by the 1950s black and white t... Read More »

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Why won't my words when I print come out black?

This sounds like the black portion of the printhead is blocked or dried. This is particularly likely if the printer has been sat unused for a while.Thankfully you can usually resolve such problems ... Read More »

How long does it take for a black baby to turn black when it is born?

It takes all of 0 seconds. Being born black means they don't "turn" black but are born black. The baby may only seem lighter because of the enclosed space it was in for 9 months and all of the flui... Read More »

Does the iPhone 4S come in black 8GB?

Why does black smoke come out of an exhaust?

The combustion of fuel in an automobile engine, or any internal-combustion engine, creates exhaust. The exhaust is made up of various chemicals, some of which are harmless, others of which are toxi... Read More »