What does the stat of BB stand for in baseball?

Answer On a stat sheet for a baseball game, the abbreviation "BB" stands for "Base on Balls," or, as it is commonly known, a "walk." A "walk" occurs when a batter is pitched four balls before he either re... Read More »

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What does stat mean in the ER?

The term "stat" when used in the medical field refers to an urgent or immediate need. For example, if a doctor told a nurse to get a patient to surgery, stat, he would be implying that the patient ... Read More »

What does the abbreviation stat mean?

"Stat" comes from the Latin word "statim" and means "immediately." It is usually found in medical terminology to show when there is an urgent need for something or if something needs to be rushed.S... Read More »

What does the Latin word stat mean?

How does "STAT FLUSH! work?

It will not get it out of your system, and if you use it, it will show up as a masking agent on a drug test, which is an automatic fail.