When doctors say DO NOT REVIVE(d n r ) what exactly do they mean?

Answer DNR - Do Not Recessiate. This is chosen by the patient - not the doctor, when the patient knows that they are in a life-threatening situation, or quite old. It basically means that if they start ... Read More »

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When they say don't wash your hair everyday, what exactly do they mean?

It doesn't matter if you get it wet, just don't wash it with shampoo.I condition every day, shampoo every other day, and am starting to do a EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) treatment once a week. (ba... Read More »

Do the doctors know exactly what's going on or what happens?

Hi AntimatterDuring a heart attack an EKG is taken to look for damage to the heart muscle because of blockage. This will show up on the EKG to what the type of heart attack is. It could be anything... Read More »

What exactly did spock mean when he said, "mr. sulu understands."?

Spock meant that sulu new what it was like to be gay george tekai who plays sulu in star trek the original is gay in real life and im guessing that spock is aswell altough when it comes to pon far ... Read More »

Since when did they start letting women become doctors?

When straight men got tired of male doctors checking for hernias.