When do your boobs get sore when your pregnant?

Answer mine always alerted me that I was, so, I would say with in a week or two. answer not always when your pregnant when there growing as well.

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I had sex 5 days ago I have very sore boobs I have done a test that was neg could you still be pregnant?

Answer It's possible but you might just be due to come on your period.Its too early for a positive test! Wait two weeks and take it again :)!

Are you pregnant if you haven't had a period in 5 weeks then bled for 2 days spotted for 3 and have been very tired with sensitive nipples and sore boobs and feel bloated and everything tastes bad?

Answer Yes you could be pregnant. You should see your doctor right away. Answer Sounds exactly like me when I was pregnant with my first. Take a test. You don't have to rush off to the doctor imm... Read More »

I had unprotected sex 2 days before my period I got my period 2 days later then it just stopped after 3 days Ive been feeling tired nauseous peeing alot and my boobs are sore could I be pregnant?

YES! I would most likely say you are showing all signs of pregnancy but i would first ask a doctor.:)

Why are my boobs sore like not that much but it bothers me.?

Hello,There are different stages of breast development in girls which show how the breast grows. The whole process is the part of puberty. As the age of a girl increases, she gets near to the age o... Read More »