When do you turn off the fridge before you move?

Answer Turn off the refrigerator when you have removed all of the food and have cleaned it thoroughly. Otherwise, you risk trapping in odors of spoiled food, bacteria and such.

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How long after you move a fridge before you can plug it in?

A refrigerator compressor is filled with hydrobenzoline oil... this is a lubricant for the compressor... When you lay the refrigerator down that oil will run up into the refrigerant lines... If you... Read More »

Fridge works,but light doesn't turn on when you open the door. How can I make the light turn on again?

Maybe the lightbulb is loose. Mine always is. Just try screwing it in a little tighter. If that doesn't work, replace the bulb. (:

What is going on when your fridge is constantly running and the only way to get it to stop is turn it off?

If it's not freezing everything, and the door gasket is sealing up okay, then the refrigerant is probably low. This usually means a leak has occurred. If the compressor were bad, the food would be ... Read More »

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Move out when You Turn 16?

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