When do you trim a boxwood shrub?

Answer Boxwood shrubs are typically used in formal designs for edging beds and may also be incorporated with evergreens as an accent. Trimming of boxwoods should take place through the summer months. Pru... Read More »

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Boxwood Shrub Varieties?

Boxwood shrubs makes great hedge plants. Because they grow so densely, it's almost impossible to see through them. Boxwood shrubs,when grown in a hedge, will provide you with year-round privacy. A ... Read More »

When do I trim my lilac shrub?

On One Hand: Pruning for HealthPruning the lilac bush in the winter helps promote healthy growth for the following spring. According to experts at North Carolina State University, 25 to 33 percent ... Read More »

How long does it take a boxwood shrub to grow back after trimming?

Boxwood shrubs do not recover quickly after severe trimming. It takes years for the shrubs to grow back. Regular, light trimming is the best for boxwood shrubs. They respond best to gradual pruning... Read More »

How to Trim a Shrub Oak?

Shrub oaks must be pruned for the same reasons that any shrub or tree requires pruning: To promote the plant's health, improve its appearance, maintain its usefulness as a hedge or for another purp... Read More »