Do you think weed should be legalized?

Answer YES!! Everyone that is saying no has never done it. Idiots think that alcohol should be legal but weed should be banned. That is the most stupid thing ever. Alcohol impairs everything but good ole ... Read More »

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Should Weed Be Legalized?

Man made alcohol, weed is natrual....Who do you trust?

When hemp is legalized again in the United States. will you start to grow it in your home gardens?

Probably not. I actually like to grow castor oil plants more. They look better and grow really fast. And plus, who else can say you grow one of the most toxic plants on earth in your yard?

How do you get rid of the smell of weed in your house and how long do you think it will last?

Stop smoking weed. Its that simple. You are obviously worried about the smell so it must be illegal where you live. Is it your parent's house. What would your parent's do if they knew you were smok... Read More »

When will weed get out of my system?

The tests won't show weed unless they are specifically testing for it. Which costs money so they won't. So relax.