When do you start seeds in a greenhouse I live in a zone 4?

Answer depends on the type of seed you want, are you going to leave in greenhouse or plant outside. look on seed packet it will tell you most of the time.much of the time six to eight weeks before last fr... Read More »

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When to Start Garden Seeds Under Lights in Zone 5?

Starting seeds indoors under lights is a great way to save money, grow a wider variety of plants and get a head start on the gardening season. Plants started indoors and properly hardened off will ... Read More »

How to Start Tomato Seeds in a Greenhouse?

Tomatoes are the most popular greenhouse crop in the U.S., with more than 800 acres devoted to greenhouse tomatoes each year. Greenhouse gardening allows hobby gardeners to enjoy fresh tomatoes yea... Read More »

When to Plant Seeds in a Greenhouse?

A greenhouse is a controlled environment for plants. Gardeners manipulate a greenhouse's temperature, lighting and moisture to maintain ideal conditions for plant growth and development. Some plant... Read More »

How do I plant seeds in a greenhouse?

Clean StartClean the greenhouse before planting seeds to prevent mold and fungal diseases.Sowing and PreparationSow the seeds in early spring if the greenhouse is heated, or midspring if not heated... Read More »