When do you start feeding infants baby food?

Answer Most babies are introduced to solid foods when they are 4 to 7 months old. If your baby's tongue-thrust reflex stops, she can support her own head and she is interested in food, then she is ready f... Read More »

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If you start feeding solid food to a 3month old baby can it effect her?

Introducing solid foods can increase the risk of gastrointestinal infections and allergies. 6 month is when you should be weaning, see here:

When you start feeding baby cereal should you give your baby extra water to drink?

Wouldn't they throw up? cuz i heard too much liquids can make them whoot whoot.. that may be a question to ask your doctor honey but I hope the babys fine good luck!

What age did you start feeding your baby finger foods And what?

I started my son on diced cooked carrots and peas, little pieces of cooked potatoe things like that. at about 9 months up until then he really did seem interested he started baby fo... Read More »

Feeding Rice Cereal to Infants?

Many pediatricians recommend starting infants on rice cereal as their first solid food, usually when they are between four and six months of age. Rice cereal is recommended because it is a one-ingr... Read More »