When do you send the wedding presents?

Answer On One Hand: Before the WeddingWhen delivering wedding gifts before a wedding, the gifts are traditionally sent to the home address of the mother of the bride. This allows gift givers an establishe... Read More »

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Traditional Wedding Presents?

Traditional wedding presents supply the newlyweds with everything the couple will need for their new life together. This is especially valid for conservative couples that wait to move in together u... Read More »

Etiquette for Late Wedding Presents?

According to Amy Vanderbilt, "Only a great fool or a great genius is likely to flout all social grace with impunity, and neither one, doing so, makes the most comfortable companion." Following the... Read More »

How to Plan a Show of Presents Before a Scottish Wedding?

The show of presents before a Scottish wedding is similar to a bridal shower held in various other cultures. This day allows the future bride to spend time with female wedding guests and friends an... Read More »

How Long Before Wedding Should I Send a Wedding Response Card?

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