When do you rototill clay soil for a garden?

Answer On One Hand: Advantages of Clay SoilClay soils are nutrient-rich and dense, and they retain moisture well. Iron, calcium and potassium are three minerals in clay soil that are beneficial to plants.... Read More »

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What is clay soil?

Soil is a mixture of sand, silt, clay and organic matter particles. Soil is categorized as clay soil when more than 50 percent of its particles are clay. Clay soil tends to crack when it dries out.... Read More »

Where can you buy clay soil?

I cant point out to any direction but i can sell you raw unprocessed clay soil. My village is built on clay that sticks very bad when it rains. you can get me on for more insight.

What does clay soil contain?

Clay soil contains 50- to 100-percent clay. It may also contain up to 45-percent sand and/or 45-percent silt. Clay soil feels sticky and greasy when it is wet. The higher the clay content, the stic... Read More »

What is clay soil used for?

Clay soil is used in gardening. Compost amendments are added to this type of soil due to its heavy and poor drainage characteristics. Clay soil that has no added compost poses a benefit to plants s... Read More »