When do you prune your apple trees?

Answer When apple trees are newly planted, prune the leader branches in the spring just after the buds start to develop. Shape and train established trees in the winter when they are dormant for spring gr... Read More »

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How to Prune Apple Trees Basics?

Though pruning may seem cosmetic in nature, it is the essential process for apple trees in the home garden. Abundant, healthy fruit as well as the ability to resist diseases and pests relies on wel... Read More »

How to Prune Apple Trees in the Winter?

Apple trees are known for producing beautiful pink/white blossoms that later develop into luscious fruit. From tart, green apples to sweet and juicy reds, the apple tree itself is a versatile one. ... Read More »

How do I prune young apple trees?

WhipsTrim the apple tree to 30 to 35 inches tall using pruning shears. As a young tree, apple trees don't produce fruits, so summer pruning is not required. Prune only during the apple trees' dorma... Read More »

Can I prune apple trees in summer?

The best time to prune an apple tree is in late winter during the dormant season. Summer pruning should be limited to new shoots, dead branches, suckers and damaged wood. Do not prune mature, healt... Read More »