When do you prune golden cypress bushes?

Answer Just about anytime but fall, when they would not have time to grow, and would look scalped until the following spring. The ideal time to trim non-flowering evergreens like cypress is at the end of ... Read More »

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How to Prune Bald Cypress Trees?

Native to the American Southeast and tolerant of moist as well as dry upland soils, the bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) is a deciduous conifer. Bald cypress can function as a street tree, tall sc... Read More »

How to Prune Bushes?

Landscaping bushes are used in many yards around the country. Shrubs are favored by homeowners because they grow quickly and often require little watering or other maintenance. However, if the bush... Read More »

How to Prune Hydrangea Bushes?

Hydrangea bushes, with proper pruning, can grace your garden with full, showy blooms year after year. Proper pruning, in the case of Hydrangeas, actually means almost no pruning at all. Even though... Read More »

How do I prune blackberry bushes?

Spring PruningPrune the canes with a pair of sharp pruning shears or loppers. Cut the tops off each cane, leaving only 24 inches. If the canes are already shorter than this, only cut off 1 to 2 i... Read More »