When do you plant ranunculus bulbs?

Answer On One Hand: Plant In Fall and SpringAccording to the National Gardening Association, ranunculus bulbs planted in October or November will begin to show growth in early spring. Bulbs may be planted... Read More »

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How to Start Ranunculus Bulbs?

Ranunculus bulbs are strange-looking flower bulbs that look more dead than alive when you receive them. They are often said to resemble a bunch of bananas, only in miniature size. From these differ... Read More »

Do you plant ranunculus claw down?

Ranunculus is planted with the fingers of its claw pointing downward. Plant your ranunculus bulbs 2 inches deep and 4 to 6 inches apart. Locate your planting site in an area with full sun exposure.... Read More »

How to Plant Ranunculus in the Spring?

Ranunculus, more commonly known as Persian buttercup, is an herbaceous perennial plant that boasts colorful orange, pink, red, white or yellow blossoms atop long, green stems. Ranunculus makes an a... Read More »

Description of the Ranunculus Asiaticus Plant?

Ranunculus asiaticus is a perennial that is also known to many as the Asian buttercup, Persian buttercup or Persian crowfoot. This ornamental plant adorns many gardens in warmer climates, though th... Read More »