When do you plant gardenia seeds?

Answer On One Hand: Plant in the Fall or SpringAccording to the National Gardening Association, gardenia seeds should be planted in the spring or fall, in a spot with light shade. Ideal temperatures for g... Read More »

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How to Plant a Gardenia?

Gardenias with their pretty white and intensely fragrant flowers can be planted in the garden in plant zones 7 and up. Some varieties are hardier than others. With a little special care some garden... Read More »

When do I plant seeds?

Whether planning your planting schedule for your cherished flower garden or favorite vegetable patch, schedule your seed planting according to the frost schedule in your area. A successful plantin... Read More »

Can I plant a gardenia outdoors?

Gardenias require day temperatures of 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit and night temperatures around 60. This makes the gardenia more suitable as a houseplant than an outdoor bloomer. Plants grown in un... Read More »

Gardenia Plant Disease?

Gardenias, which have a reputation for being difficult to grow, require specific conditions to thrive. They are prone to a number of diseases that should be treated as soon as they appear. The bush... Read More »