When do you plant fall flower bulbs?

Answer Fall flowering bulbs need a month or two to establish a root system before they flower. Plant them in late July to August. This gives them time to sprout and produce a flower for September or Octob... Read More »

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How to Plant Fall Flower Bulbs?

Everyone loves the brilliant blooms of flower bulbs. Learn The correct way to plant fall flower bulbs and why they are planted in the fall.

How do I plant fall flower bulbs?

Select Your BulbsOrder or buy your bulbs as early as possible for the best quality. If you do not plant them immediately, store them in paper bags in a cool place.Determine the Best Time to PlantDe... Read More »

When is the best time to plant fall bulbs?

According to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln Extension, the fall-blooming bulbs "colchicums should be planted immediately after arrival or purchase in the fall. (They often bloom in storage i... Read More »

How to Plant Flower Bulbs?

Bulbs provide yearly color to the home garden once they are planted. The following article covers bulb planting for the warmer climates of the United States. Colder climates may follow the tips but... Read More »