When do you plant broccoli in VA?

Answer you would plant broccili in VA when it is summer because it gets warmer and it needs food water and sun to go through the process of photosynthesis.

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When do I plant fall broccoli in my vegetable garden in Virginia?

Fall broccoli, such as Windsor, reaches maturity in 66 days and can withstand some light frost periods. It is best planted in late August to September in the state of Virginia. Take into account th... Read More »

How to Plant Broccoli in Containers?

Planting broccoli in the garden allows you to grow plenty of fresh broccoli for immediate consumption as well as extra to freeze and store away for later when the vegetable is out of season. If you... Read More »

How do I plant& grow broccoli?

PlantingPlant broccoli transplants in early spring and late summer. Time the planting of late-summer transplants for a harvest before the first autumn frost in your region. Most varieties of brocco... Read More »

How do I plant broccoli in containers?

PreparationChoose a sturdy container at least 12 inches in diameter with at least one drainage hole in the bottom. Set the container on bricks or blocks of wood so that water can drain freely throu... Read More »