When do you plant bluebonnet seeds?

Answer Plant bluebonnet seeds from August through October, covering with soil to protect the seeds from birds and winter weather. Blooming each spring, the bluebonnet is a wild flower and the state flower... Read More »

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How do I cultivate bluebonnet seeds?

Bluebonnet SeedsSelect scarified seeds for the cultivation of bluebonnets. Scarified seeds are chemically treated to encourage germination. The seeds resemble small pea-gravel and are naturally str... Read More »

Are bluebonnet seeds dangerous to ingest?

Texas bluebonnet seeds resemble pebbles because of their hard exterior coating. Bluebonnets are dangerous to ingest, particularly in large quantities due to poisonous alkaloids contained in the see... Read More »

When do I plant seeds?

Whether planning your planting schedule for your cherished flower garden or favorite vegetable patch, schedule your seed planting according to the frost schedule in your area. A successful plantin... Read More »

When are sunflower seeds too old to plant?

The shelf life of sunflower seeds is approximately two years. Seed producers recommend storing sunflower seeds in a dark, dry and cool place at a temperature between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 70 de... Read More »