When do you plant a fruit tree?

Answer On One Hand: Fall PlantingFall is a good time to plant your fruit trees in warmer regions of the country. The soil will stay warmer much longer than the air, giving the roots plenty of time to deve... Read More »

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How do I plant a star fruit tree?

PreparationChoose a sunny planting location that is protected from high winds and has well-drained soil. Till the soil using a rototiller, or a shovel and rake, and remove any preexisting vegetatio... Read More »

When to Plant Fruit Tree From a Pot to the Ground?

Fruit trees bring attractive blossoms in the spring, shade in the summer and fruit from late summer to fall. Although some varieties of dwarf fruit trees will do well in containers, full-size varie... Read More »

How do I plant a lime fruit tree?

Select Your TreeSelect the type of lime tree you want to grow. You can order trees online or go to your local nursery. The Mexican lime is also known as the Key lime or West Indian lime. These prod... Read More »

How do I plant fruit tree seeds?

Pick a FruitDetermine the type of fruit you want to grow. Some fruit trees may not produce fruit if grown from seeds--they need to be grown from a graft cut from a mature tree. Apples trees often d... Read More »