When do you pick tomatoes from the plant?

Answer According to the article "When to Pick Tomatoes" on the Green Thumb Articles website, it is best to allow tomatoes to fully ripen on the vine before picking. Tomatoes are ready to be picked when th... Read More »

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How to Pick Tomatoes?

Tomatoes are flavorful garden vegetables (considered a fruit by some, because of the seeds) that can be used in many recipes. Many people grow tomatoes in their home gardens during the summer. When... Read More »

Growing tomatoes in garden- some are red, when are they ready to pick?

Pick them when they just turn red, keep them in a cool area and allow them to ripen up on their own. You can pick them really ripe if eating immediately, those are really yummy!Tips: Grow early mat... Read More »

My tomatoes on the vine are still green if I pick them how can I make them ripen indoors.?

Put them in a paper bag with a banana. Bananas have an enzyme which make other fruit ripen.

How to Plant Better Boy Tomatoes?

Better Boy tomatoes are classified as a "Main-Crop Red" tomato. Better Boy tomato plants produce medium-sized fruits that are a bright red when ripe and ready to eat. This brightly flavored tomato ... Read More »