When do you pick fuyu persimmons?

Answer Answer They are edible when still hard and pale, but taste best when picked as they are softening and no longer continuing to deepen in color. They are a deep orange when mature. They ripen quite l... Read More »

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How to Peel a Fuyu Persimmon?

The persimmon plant belongs to the genus Diospyros, meaning "food for the gods," an indication of how delicious the fruit is. Most cultivated varieties are classified as astringent or nonastringent... Read More »

How to Prune Persimmons?

If you're growing a persimmon tree, it'll need pruning to renew the fruiting wood; flowers are borne on the current season's wood. Regular pruning of a persimmon tree will help to develop a strong ... Read More »

How to Harvest Persimmons?

There are two main categories of persimmons: oriental, also called Japanese persimmon, and American persimmon. Native American varieties of persimmon are not widely cultivated, possibly because the... Read More »

How to Root Japanese Persimmons?

Japanese persimmons, or Diospyros kaki, originated in the woodlands of eastern China and are now cultivated in warm, temperate regions around the world for their edible fruit. The trees display a s... Read More »