When do you pick cucumber?

Answer You can pick a cucumber anytime. If you are canning you'd pick them when they are small to make small sweet pickles for example. I pick them at anytime. Some gardeners believe that small veggies li... Read More »

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What are five uses for a cucumber?

1. Have cucumber sandwiches with a pot of earl grey at 4pm like we do in England2. Slice them thinly and pour vinegar on them. This makes a tasty snack.3. Bake it in the oven and will will taste li... Read More »

How to Eat a Cucumber?

Smaller Pickling CucumbersCucumbers are a versatile vegetable, that can be prepared and eaten, or used in many different ways. There are also varieties of cucumbers, that are used differently. The ... Read More »

How do i trellis a cucumber?

Installing PostsDig a hole on each end of your cucumber row for 6-foot stakes. Stakes can be wooden or metal posts. Posts should not be placed more than 15 feet apart for the best results.Stringing... Read More »