When do you pay taxes on a money market investment?

Answer The individual or business that received the dividends on a money market fund must pay taxes on those dividends upon filing annual taxes. Some money market funds are tax-exempt from federal income ... Read More »

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Are money market funds a wise investment now?

On One Hand: Money Markets Have a Great Track Record.There has only been one instance of a money market account falling below $1 per share in value. In addition, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.... Read More »

Investment Criteria for Corporate Treasury Money Market?

Every corporation accumulates excess cash that must be managed to provide for seasonal expenses such as product production or long-term goals such as expansion of facilities. The treasurer or chief... Read More »

Do I have to pay taxes on a money market deposit account?

Interest that you earn from your money market deposit account must be reported as taxable income. You will receive a form 1099-INT from your bank showing how much you were paid in interest for the ... Read More »

Stock Market Investment Clubs?

The purchase of common stock has long been a popular way to invest. Various methods for accomplishing this exist including traditional brokerages, online brokerages and mutual funds. Another way to... Read More »