When do you pay sales tax on a car?

Answer State sales taxes are a consumption tax levied at the time of purchase of an item. Some states do not have sales taxes. In the case of a car purchased commercially (from a dealership), the tax is p... Read More »

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When do you pay sales tax when you purchase a car in Michigan from an individual?

The General Sales Tax Act in Michigan requires all licensed car dealers to collect sales tax when a purchase is completed. If the sale of a vehicle is completed between two private parties, sales t... Read More »

When do I pay a sales tax for Internet purchases?

You must pay a sales tax for an Internet purchase delivered to you, if the business has a store or presence in the same state. The business is required by law to register to collect the tax from yo... Read More »

When do rental car companies run sales?

Car rental companies usually offer the best deals Sunday through Thursday due to the decrease in demand during these days. Unlike car dealerships, car rental companies don't have dedicated sale day... Read More »

When is no-sales-tax weekend in Texas?

Each year, Texas offers a three-day sales-tax-free weekend, generally the third weekend of August. During these tax holidays, the state's 8.25 percent sales tax is not charged on purchases of back-... Read More »