When do you need to reseal granite counter tops?

Answer On One Hand: Granite is a Hard Natural StoneGranite is a hard natural stone that makes a great countertop surface. Not all granites are equally porous. Generally the darker the stone the less porou... Read More »

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When do I need to reseal granite countertops?

On One Hand: Reseal Granite Once Every Six Months to Two YearsGranite countertops are fairly porous and stain easily. In order to maintain a granite countertop's shine and durability, experts reco... Read More »

You are installing granite counter tops Dishwasher drain is connected above elbow on one of the two sinks Do you need the air vent for the dishwasher?

This is generally a local code thing. We do not require it in our area and a loop is acceptable. Check with your code guy!

How do I cut granite counter tops?

PrepProtect your eyes with safety glasses and wear heavy gloves. Mark the cuts that you need to make onto the granite using chalk. Pick a color of chalk that shows up well against the color of the ... Read More »

How to Touch up Granite Counter Tops?

Granite is a type of stone that transforms into exquisite countertops. The stone provides a shiny quality that stands out in kitchens and bathrooms. Over time, the surface of the granite countertop... Read More »