When do you need to plant summer bulbs?

Answer On One Hand: Plant Bulbs Well Ahead of BloomFlowering bulbs generally bloom within three to six months of planting, according to Cornell University. The most commonly planted bulbs are daffodils a... Read More »

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Can you plant spring and summer bulbs together?

Yes. Spring and summer bulbs can be planted together in a technique that supplies color all season long. When planting, place the larger bulbs below the smaller ones. For example place a layer of g... Read More »

How do I plant bulbs in spring for summer flowers?

PreparationTill the bulb gardening bed 6 inches deep. Spread 4 inches of organically enriched potting soil over the bed. Sprinkle bulb-booster starter fertilizer over the bed. Till the area again t... Read More »

What spring/summer flower bulbs are hardy and can be left in the ground?

I've got Tulips. They were planted sometime before I bought the house and every spring they spring up. It's been seven seasons now. And they've never been dug up. And we get snow in the winters... Read More »

How do I plant bulbs in a pot?

Preparing the ContainerChoose a pot with bottom drainage holes. Cover the bottom of the pot with a layer of stones, marbles or broken pottery to help with drainage and keep the soil from washing ou... Read More »