When do you need to plant summer bulbs?

Answer On One Hand: Plant Bulbs Well Ahead of BloomFlowering bulbs generally bloom within three to six months of planting, according to Cornell University. The most commonly planted bulbs are daffodils a... Read More »

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How do I plant bulbs in spring for summer flowers?

PreparationTill the bulb gardening bed 6 inches deep. Spread 4 inches of organically enriched potting soil over the bed. Sprinkle bulb-booster starter fertilizer over the bed. Till the area again t... Read More »

Can you plant spring and summer bulbs together?

Yes. Spring and summer bulbs can be planted together in a technique that supplies color all season long. When planting, place the larger bulbs below the smaller ones. For example place a layer of g... Read More »

When do you plant iris bulbs?

On One Hand: Wait Until Late SummerHorticulturists Ronald C. Smith and Dale Herman of the North Dakota State University Extension report that the hot days of late summer, after the iris has bloomed... Read More »

When do you plant phlox bulbs?

Phlox bulbs are planted in the spring and bloom throughout the spring and summer. They are perennial wildflowers, and they range in flower colors of red, blue and white. Phlox bulbs thrive in full ... Read More »