When do you need a new roof?

Answer On One Hand: A Roof's LifespanAccording to Owens Corning, a new shingled roof should last about 20 years. A roof well under this age will probably not need to be totally replaced, though some shin... Read More »

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Why do you need roof ventilation?

Condensation forms in roof spaces and can be severe. Water droplets can drip ontoinsulation material or the ceiling of the room below. If there are timber roof trusses (beams) then severe condensat... Read More »

How Many Roofing Squares Do I Need for My Roof?

The first step of any roofing job is to calculate the amount of materials needed. Shingles and other roofing materials are often measured in "squares." A square is defined as enough roofing materia... Read More »

How many shingles do I need to cover my roof?

On One Hand: Calculating SquaresShingles come in both bundles and squares. The amount of shingles needed to cover 100 square feet of roof is called a square. Measure the area of your roof to calcul... Read More »

Do roof trusses need load-bearing walls?

Ross trusses require only the external, perimeter walls be load bearing. It is not necessary for internal walls to be load bearing, so they do not need to be reinforced, making the design of the fl... Read More »