When do you light candles in a wedding ceremony?

Answer On One Hand: Ceremony CandlesChose two people to be candle lighters for the wedding ceremony. After guests have been seated the pair will walk down the aisle lighting candles, meeting at the center... Read More »

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Are there any candles in a tea ceremony room?

Sado, the way of tea, is an ancient Japanese ceremony. There are different ceremonies with and without candles. The Yobanashi, or winter-evening, ceremony requires candles while the Shougo-no-chaji... Read More »

What is a civil wedding ceremony?

A civil wedding ceremony is scheduled at the city clerk's office and takes place at the local courthouse, as opposed to a church or other venue. A judge or clerk of court performs the civil wedding... Read More »

How to Have a Zombie Wedding Ceremony?

If you are a huge fan of “Dawn of the Dead” or the modern day hit show, “The Walking Dead”, when it comes to your wedding, you may want to ditch conventional wedding traditions and let your... Read More »

Wedding Ceremony Types?

Wedding ceremony types vary as much as the people who are getting married. Religious ceremonies held in traditional churches follow the canon (religious) laws of their respective churches. More mod... Read More »