When do you have to issue a W-2 form to an employee?

Answer An employer must issue W-2 forms to its employees by Jan. 31 of each year. Employees should receive W-2 forms if Social Security or Medicare taxes have been withheld from their wages.Source:Social ... Read More »

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How to Deal With an Employee on a Collective Agreement Issue?

Before a member of management deals with an employee on a collective bargaining agreement issue, there are several steps that must be taken. The manager must have a thorough understanding of the c... Read More »

When did the IRS first issue Form W-9?

Page 66105 of the Federal Register (Volume 60, Number 245) gives the background on IRS Form W-9. It states that the temporary regulations creating Form W-9 were first published in the Federal Regis... Read More »

When do banks issue form 1099?

Banks typically generate 1099 forms after the last day of the year, and the forms are due to customers by January 31, according to the IRS. Several types of 1099 forms exist, but all share the same... Read More »

What is an employee requisition form?

An employee requisition form is a form that is used when a department in a company needs to fill a staff position. After an employee requisition form is filled out, it is given to the human resourc... Read More »