When do you have a mucus plug?

Answer Answer A mucous plug is a protective barrier in your cervex to protect everything above the vagina. It begins to form early in pregnancy and is expelled weeks days before,or during delivery.

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I lost my mucus plug a week ago dilated 1cm I have continuous sharp contractions when walking but I have a high pain tolerance so I'm not exactly sure if I'm having them while sitting lots of pressure?

Answer: Call your doctor and ask, no matter the time of day or night. They are best qualified to answer your question, and will give you an idea of what you should do next.

Is good sized pieces of yellow mucus like discharge mean it was the mucus plug or could it be due to a yeast infection at 11 weeks?

i would take an early morning urine sample to your docs for investigation Answer YOU HAVE AN STD. GO TO THE NEAREST CLINIC FOR HELP!!!!

When you lose your mucus plug can you start contractions?

You can, but i constantly lost mine & it grew back a little throughout the whole pregnancy.

Is a lot of bleeding normal when you lose your mucus plug?

%DETAILS% Answer HI,I am a mother of 2 3/4 meaning I already have two girls and am 35 weeks pregnant with my third :)As to your question....I ahev lost my plug with all three and never had alot of ... Read More »